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TGWC 2018
Autor Wiadomość
Członek Zarządu
Kapitan IRP

Dołączył: 28 Kwi 2004
Posty: 4999
Skąd: Płock
Wysłany: 2018-10-03, 02:06   TGWC 2018 by Angst

W załączeniu tworzona w bólach braku czasu relacja z TGWC - część główna :)

Ciąg dalszy (podsumowanie Mistrzostw) nastąpi...



TGWC 2018 by Angst.pdf
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Członek Zarządu
Kapitan IRP

Dołączył: 28 Kwi 2004
Posty: 4999
Skąd: Płock
Wysłany: 2019-08-16, 19:14   

Z "lekkim" opóźnieniem załączam finalną wersję raportu z TGWC 2018, z dodanym krótkim podsumowaniem i po paru korektach redakcyjnych :)



TGWC 2018 by Angst_final.pdf
TGWC 2018 by Angst final
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Dołączyła: 23 Kwi 2016
Posty: 287
Skąd: Australia
Wysłany: 2020-09-20, 22:46   

Hi guys,

It's been a long time since the team championship of 2018, but I have something interesting to show you. As you may know, Denis Osipov wrote a detailed report shortly after the tournament, and that report contains a chapter about the match between Russia A and Poland - the epic match in which Poland were crushed 0-4 by the mighty Russians. I translated that chapter into English and am posting my translation here. I hope you guys will find it interesting to see how you and that match were seen by such an outstanding player.

- begin of translation -

In the 7th round we had to face Poland. We decided not to substitute anyone in that round. Before the match, I tried to give my team the right spirit to ensure they would do their best and utmost. I told Ilya that his game against Puholek was Ilya's principal game in the entire tournament. I recommended that Ilya add two stones to Puholek's edge opening no matter what, and that's what Ilya did in the match.

I'll start with my own game. In the game against Michal, I decided to utilize the main weapon of our team, a new scheme. Zukowski took a lot of time to think what to do with the scheme. If my memory serves me well, he spent about 40 minutes for his first move. And he chose a color! Michal chose white and played a fourth:

And that's the adventurousness of Zukowski that I talked about :) A very brave, but foolish decision. I had analyzed that fourth, and that's a loss for white. But I had analyzed that branch long before the championship and very briefly, and I remembered that branch very vaguely. In particular, I couldn't recall which move I had analyzed - k9, played by Zukowski, or k8. My memory whispered I had to play j6. I superficially checked variants and decided to trust my memory, so I played j6. After some thinking, Michal responded by k7. That is, he played a long three. It was obvious that the only way to block that three was from below. And then Michal chose quite a reasonable way to continue, i9:

I had a realization that I was in a winning position. But here my own pre-analysis played a cruel joke on me. Somehow I had in my mind that I had no way but to play the diagonal three i7. And I played that move WITHOUT THINKING. I had a very simple win via i6, and that win can be calculated within minutes. By playing i7 I made things a few times more complicated. One should never blindly trust one's own pre-analysis! You have to verify everything, especially if you have even slightest doubts! Anyway, I played i7, and Zukowski, quite naturally, blocked the three from above. Then my recollections again started torturing me :) My memory whispered that a three then goes to the right, L6. But I wasn't hasty this time and decided to trust only what I could calculate now at the table. And by calculating at the table, I found that the three to the right actually loses! Then I spent some time trying to understand how that three could not lose and why the program had played that three. But in the end I decided to trust what I had calculated at the table, and thus stay on the safe side. I saw that the simple move j9 guaranteed a victory. I only had to prove by counting that white didn't have anything by fours via h10. But the white attack there can be countered, so j9 was a guaranteed win. In the end, I discarded all questionable variants and played safe - j9. Sure, there was a shorter path - to play the three to the left - but, first of all, this path is shorter only for a program, while a human finds it hard to analyze sharp dense positions. In addition, why to look for a shorter path if one guaranteed path has already been found? Anyway, after I played j9, the position became this:

Apparently having realized that the game was hopelessly lost, Zukowski tried to confuse me somehow. In that position, he played h10 to make the position as sharp as possible. What followed was a series of black VCF threats converting the position into an actual victory. Again, I'm unsure whether this series was the shortest possible, but it was safe and right. I was completely sure about any move of mine. So the outcome was that I won.

At the first table, Lukasz played with Edvard. Lukasz put a scheme, and Edvard added two stones - and did it not bad, in my opinion. Then they had a kind of balanced wrestling, with Lukasz having a modest positional advantage and Edvard keeping a modest grasp on the initiative. In the end Lukasz made an awful counting blunder, which Edvard made advantage of. So Edvard won that game.

On the fourth board, Max was pretty quick to positionally outplay Alicecooper in a game that started with an edge opening. Each time I came to their board I had a peace of mind about the outcome of their game.

Much more tough and epic was the fight on the third board. It was there where the paths of Puholek and Furla crossed, both contenders having a huge experience and being outstanding positional players! This game was a true test for them both. As mentioned above, Ilya added two stones to an expected edge opening by Zajk - and in a very competent way, according to my own assessment. Zajk chose white and made his first moves too straightforwardly, in my opinion. Ilya, in turn, showed the true skill of positional play. Closer to the middle of the game it became obvious that the center belonged to black. What remained was to slowly pull the strangulation rope, and Ilya perfectly managed to do so. Well done, Ilya! It was a very important game and a very important win for the team!

So the final score is 4-0! We couldn't even assume we would beat such a strong team with such a score, but we did it! All of us played strong, without blunders and mistakes, and the effect was not long in coming.

- end of translation -
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